April 20th, 2008


  • Alpine IDA-X100M
  • Non M on ebay approx $250 — M probably $50 more
  • Mount above front window?


  1. MC1 Wired Remote
  2. M version required to get wireless remote.
  3. list 180 for MC1
  4. Need MC10 (which includes a MC1


  • Alpine PDX5 Purchased 4/20, ebay dis_soun
  • Mount? Behind Driver?


  • or these (big) Pioneer Truck spkr
  • 2 in main cab, in box fabbed above window (probably too small?
  • 2 in rear cab, at fwd end? or rear? make so they pivot to point outward?
  • Rear boxes? Various wood boxes at PartsExpress
  • Sub placement?
  • Under bed, pointing fwd/aft? fwd probably easier from equipment interference standpoint
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