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Where I’ve Been

July 10th, 2011

Sorry for not updating the TrogBlog in over a year.    I’ve been quite busy with other projects.

First, we purchased a property on nearby Vashon Island.    It’s 30 acres and features mixed pasture and forested lands.    We are planting an apple orchard and starting a hard cider business.    Dragon’s Head Cider is the name.   Not much has happened to Trog in the meantime, he has sat sadly neglected in my old shop.

I finally am moving out of the old shop and one of the last things to go was Trog.   He likes it over here.   So does my son!


I’m hoping to carve out a bit of time to get the interior gutters installed so Trog is rainproof.   Right now I have to park him in the shop here.    He takes up too much room.

(I can’t remember Trogblog tone here.   Have I been referring to Trog as him or it?)

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