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February 9th, 2010

The old door and oh-shit handles on Trog were some ugly plastic coated stamped metal things.     Using some stainless marine fittings and some 7/8″ stainless pipe I made up the 4 door handles and am in the process of making a few more oh-shit handles:

The standoffs with wing mounting flanges didn’t match the existing bolt holes that the old handles used.

Trog Handles 5

So I had to cut off one side and weld it to the other side.    I made a jig out of a piece of scrap aluminum to get the spacing right:

Trog Handles 2

Then welded and polished and assembled:

Trog Handles 1

and installed

Trog Handles 4


Bed Prototyping

February 9th, 2010

I’ve been debating doing a single panel bed that attaches to the roof via hooks vs some sort of folding design.       The hook design would have the bed rise with the poptop when raising the roof.   To deploy the bed on the bed rails I would have to unhook it and lower it to the rails.    This seems cumbersome and also adds a bunch more weight that I have to lift to the roof.    So, it looks like I’ll do a folding design.

When the roof is lowered, the bed will be flat, unfolded and reside on the bed rails.    After raising the roof, it will be folded and pushed forward out of the way.    Then when we want to use the bed, it’ll ufold to lay flat

If none of the above makes a bit of sense, maybe these pics will.    This is prototyped using 3/4″ plywood which is heavy and flexes too much.    The real bed deck will be some composite material.  Perhaps Nida-Core, aluminum honeycomb or Coosa marine board.

Folded up:

Trog Bed 4

Folded flat and pushed back to the rear.    I’m not sure whether I’ll use the bed forward or to the back.  Forward allows one of us to get down in the morning and make coffee on the stove.    Towards the back feels a bit more natural and creates a 2nd sleeping area below, between the cabinets.

Trog Bed 1