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Front Cabin Interior

January 30th, 2010

I’ve been spending my time recently on the front cabin interior.   I bought some polypropylene auto carpet and fitted it over the carpet padding.   Unfortunately when I tried to sew the seams up I found out how lame polypro carpet is.   It’s basically astroturf and unravels unrelentingly.   It also looks cheap, kinda sparkly like astroturf.   I’m going to replace it with nylon carpet instead.   I guess I now have a somewhat expensive full size template.

Trog Front Interior 1

On a whim, I bought some dark red vinyl at the fabric store.   With it, I made a headliner and covered the old passway pads.    I was a bit worried that Laura wouldn’t like the color, so I took the opportunity to compliment her on some boots that are a similar color.     I think it worked because she gave the thumbs up when visiting today.

I also had to spend some time doing preliminary wiring and mounting of the siren and dome light.   Volvos, being essentially single layer boxes have very few easy paths for wire runs.   I spent a lot of time fishing wires, drilling holes, pushing in grommets and cursing to do this wiring.

The headliner is a piece of SurePly with some thin headliner foam sprayglued down.    It is followed by the vinyl stapled.

Trog Front Interior 2

Trog Front Interior 3

I also fabricated a bunch of bamboo panels to cover the flat surfaces.   Here it is a cove piece with strengthening battens glued transverse to the grain.    The silver stuff is more Damplifier constrained layer dampening material.   Without it the panels would be pretty boomy/rattly.

Trog Front Interior 5

I think it turned out pretty good.

Trog Front Interior 6

Trog Front Interior 7

And the passenger door

Trog Front Interior 4

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