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New Windows Mounted

December 4th, 2009

Last week, Eric came down to help me build a paint spray booth.    The new shop is a much better place to do painting as the road outside is paved vs the dirt/gravel road of my old shop.    This makes a huge difference in the quality of the paint job.   I had to redo the flip-out flaps 3 times due to dust nits getting in the paint.    With the new shop, I got a good coat the first try.


The new windows went in without any difficulty.    The new paint is slightly brighter and more “lipstick red” even though it is the same paint code as the old paint.    A few years of sun fading on the old paint must have made the difference.   I’ve found with a mild abrasive rubbing compound I can quickly fade the new paint to match fairly well.   I’ve done this on the door jambs, but not on large areas like the doors.   I’ll try a “cleaning” wax first since the rubbing compound forever kills the gloss.



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