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Floor finished

November 18th, 2009

I had always planned on putting the floor in last so it wouldn’t get dented and scratched while other things are installed in Trog.   However, I got into a few blocking issues where the floor needed to go in before cabinets could be installed.    I got 50 sq ft of Mocha Moso engineered bamboo flooring from Bamboo Hardwoods which was just enough to cover the area.   Flooring was glued to the subfloor using a polyurathene glue.

The floor and subfloor are floating — that is they aren’t directly fastened to the metal floor.   Instead the various cabinets and seats clamp the floor down.   The exception is the cowling that covers the transmission tunnel.   In this case the floor is glued to that piece.   I’ll set some countersinks into the bamboo so it can be bolted down.

I’m prettty happy with how it turned out, however if I were to do it again I would choose a blonde bamboo as it doesn’t show scratches as much.

I’ll cover it with some hardboard or plastic to keep it from getting dinged up.