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New Window Installation

October 23rd, 2009

I’ve finally gotten a chance to do some work on Trog again.   The old windows and seals were in pretty bad shape.  The driver/passenger windows both leaked and one side didn’t lock.   The rear side windows were made of plexiglass or lexan and were pretty scratched up.   And finally the rear window was never installed — just an aluminum panel where the glass should be.   I spent some time tracking down new slider track for the driver passenger windows, but everything that I could source wasn’t quite the right size.   So instead I ordered new 1600 series windows from Motion Windows.

The 1600 windows are available with mitred corners, but I think they look a little funny.  So I elected to get the radiused corners.    That means I need to fill the existing rectangular window cutouts with corner pieces.   I also needed to block the edges a bit using some old oak flooring to allow for the window flange.




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