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Fuel Filter

June 30th, 2009

Yeeks, I’m pretty sure the fuel filter hasn’t been replaced in 30 years.    It had a Volvo part # on it…though if the firefighters in Kungsbakka did replace it it would have likely been a Volvo part as well.     I performed an autopsy…



  1. chris
    June 30th, 2009 at 20:11 | #1

    wow, amazing it even ran. Fixing that might get another 20 hp!


  2. WJM
    July 19th, 2009 at 21:47 | #2

    That ain’t the original filter, the original is an aluminium bulb with screw-clamp, mounted on the right of the engine.
    But, that one is just as crap, because the aluminium tends to corrode.
    Mine was on the verge of leaking, after 26 years / 26k km’s.

    So, your’s has been replaced within the last 3 decades, and shows only crap of 1 decade maximum….:))

    Btw, mine was replaced with a similar ‘umbrella’ view-through filter; be sure to have several with you as spare, especially after changing/adding tanks, even more so when using tanks that were meant for diesel….gasoline can dissolve even military coatings, if designed for diesel….8-))

    Btw2: if you are smart, you should also look for quick-disconnect & spill-free fuel line connectors, like seems common now in the motorbike industry….then you have a ‘hot-spare’ filter at hand any time (instead of fiddling and cursing above a hot engine and leaking gasoline….8-))

    Oh, and never trust the filter visually, like I did….if in any doubt, with any symptom, throw out, they are cheap.
    (keep the quick-disconnects of course….;))

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