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Rollups now Flipouts

I love the firetruck style rollup doors on Trog.   However, they don’t work at all with a camper layout as the rollup tracks would completely bisect the living area.    To fix this, yet retain the look, I have constrained the tambours using some aluminum U channel to make flipout flaps.    They are hinged at the top.



When open, they will allow a lot of cross-flow breeze.    I am debating whether or not to put an interior window of some sort on the forward flaps.     The drivers side rear flap opens to gain access to a storage area.    The passenger side rear flap will expose the exterior shower control and showerhead.

I think I will also repaint the flaps a different color.  I am considering a metallic silver — something that will look like bare aluminum or stainless.

The flaps will be supported by gas springs — they just arrived in the mail today so I’ll put them on soon.    I also need to figure out how they lock from the outside.

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