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April 26th, 2009

I’ve had the roof turtled on my welding table for the past week or so.   It’s really getting in the way, making it difficult to proceed on the cabinets, or other fab jobs.    So, I’ve been working pretty much solely on the roof so I can call it done.   Here’s a shot with the roof rail that the roof sets upon.


The silver colored aluminum extrusion is the awning rail that holds the fabric for the tent.   Awning rail is also rivetted to the roof.    Awning rail insert is sewn to the canvas and then it is reeved into the rails.

I also replaced the existing hatch for the machine-gunner with a Lewmar Ocean 60 low profile hatch.    This required fabbing an aluminum frame and spacer since the new hatch is a a few inches narrower than the old hatch.



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