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Insulation and wall panels

April 15th, 2009

Miguel finished with the insulation work as well as the wall panels.    The insulation is a foil lined polyisocyanurate panels, with the exposed edges wrapped in adhesive foil tape.       Its less flammable and less squeaky than polystyrene foam panels.     Any additional space was filled with 3/8″ thick Volara foam.


The wall panels are 5mm underlayment plywood called SuperPly.   SuperPly is nice stuff — it has a hardwood smooth face and is made with exterior grade glues.




  1. Mike
    April 23rd, 2009 at 15:00 | #1

    Great new page. I have been watching your progress, very impressive. I have a question though. I live in Washington State and I am having a problem deciding what truck to go with. It is eigther going to be one of the 6x volvos or a doka unimog 1300. What do you think the bennefits are with the Volvo. Thanks for you input.
    Mike Moler
    Orting Washington

  2. wesc
    April 24th, 2009 at 12:08 | #2

    I really like the Volvo. It’s pretty easy to work on, and parts are, for the most part, available. The engine is the B30A, the same used in the Volvo 164 passenger car. The drivetrain past the motor is the tough part — pretty much any part there has to come from a donor vehicle. There just isn’t that many Volvos in the US, so often they have to come from Sweden.

    The 6×6 is slow — the drive ratio on nearly all is 7.56:1. I have a “fast axle” civilian version that is 7.01:1. At 4000RPM, my max speed is around 55-60mph. with the slower axles expect an even lower top speed. There are rumors of an add-on overdrive for the Volvo being in the works. Mogs are slow too.

    I can’t really comment on the merits of the Volvo vs a Unimog 1300 b/c I’m not that familiar with mogs.

    Are you on the volvo303 yahoo group? It’s the most active volvo group on the web.

    you may also want to attend http://www.northwestmogfest.com . There you will get more than an earful about the merits and flaws of each vehicle.

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