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Pulling the Steering Wheel

March 29th, 2009

I spent the day rewiring the electrical system.   In the process, I have put an ignition switch on the instrument panel.     To keep things tidy, I decided to remove the old ignition switch and cowling.   This involved removing the steering wheel.   What I thought was a simple task ended up taking a few hours.    The service manual indicates to use a special Volvo tool.


This tool pulls the wheel without damaging the plastic.    Not having that tool, I tried making my own.    As you can imagine from the bodgy welds, this version took many iterations, all failing, from bending the clamp to cracked welds.


Ok, something simpler.

I made up an aluminum ring with a conical interior profile to match the steel turn signal cancel ring.


Using that and a gear puller and it came off, still with a fair amount of effort.


I’m thinking of installing the wheel in the foreground as the new wheel:


It’s 20″ in diam, vs 17″ for the stock wheel.   So I’ll have to make it mount a little higher for leg clearance.

I’d love to tilt the steering column forward a little bit as well, but doing so would require fabbing a new bracket down near the steering box.

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