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Speaker Pods

March 12th, 2009

A while back I picked up some Alpine SPR-13S speakers, intending to make some mounting pods above the front window.    In the end, I decided to mount them in the door.    The doors are only about 1.5″ thick — not enough for the woofers.     So I had to make extension pods.    I found some 6″ round tube at a local industrial supply place.   The front of the pods was cut on the lathe using a faceplate, a live center to keep the plate on the faceplate and a set screw thru the steel into the faceplate to act as a lathe dog.


The just painted doors had to be ground down so the pods could be welded in place.    Note the sound dampening Damplifier and Spectrum Sludge in the cavity.   This helps dampen any resonance and or rattles of the metal door.


There are a couple “ports” in the door — hopefully they won’t create weird sound artifacts. Trog is so loud that I’m not really shooting for audiophile sound anyway.

Finished and painted with the (plastic…) grills set in place.


Look for a post sometime soon where I break the plastic grills and have to fab up something out of stainless steel.

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