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Sketchup Model of Camper Layout

January 31st, 2009

I’ve been playing around with various layouts in Google Sketchup.    Here’s what I like best.



Click on the images for a larger version.

This layout maximizes interior space usage, as well as allowing for a fair mount of storage space.

Things to note:   The rear roll ups will become rigid flip-out awnings, allowing for airflow to the kitchen starboard rear.   On the port side rear is a storage area that is accessible from the exterior of Trog.   I’ll put recovery gear, tools and other dirty stuff there.   Next to it is a hanging closet, and forward to that is a Vitrifrigo drawer style refrigerator.     Finally in front of that is the main rear passenger seat.    Additional passengers can sit facing rear across from that.      Access is from the rear door as well as the port side door.    The starboard rear door will be pinned shut, or possibly used as an access hatch for stuff stored under the settee.   House batteries are placed at the very rear of Trog.   Hopefully all that weight at the ends won’t impact ride (hobby horsing).   Trog is rated for 6 tons, and has pretty stiff springs in the back so I should be ok.      The bed hoists up to the ceiling when we are using the lounge/kitchen area.    It is lowered to rails at 4 ft high for sleeping.

The Sketchup file is here trog-front-living-room-no-top1.    Not all dimensions are completely accurate.   I’d say it’s approx +/- 1″, and up to +/- 2″.   Also the slope inward that occurs 1/2 way up the wall isn’t shown (it’s about 5″ narrower at the top vs bottom).

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