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Flip down boarding ladder

December 30th, 2008

More shiny stainless steel.

Trog is tall.   Getting in and out of it is quite the chore.   Recently I found a great telescoping stainless steel ladder at a consignment marine store, and as a diversion to working on the popup, I decided to spend some time on it.   All the hardware and mounting rails are stainless.    It glides on  UHMW plastic rails (the white stuff below the ladder).   It will tuck nicely under the passenger side rear door.


Extended, it extends about 10″ more than necessary.   The bottom rung will just rest on the ground, with it’s section partially extended.


Yes, that’s a bigfoot gas pedal on the TIG welder’s foot pedal.

I spent some fun lathe time making a spring loaded stainless latch (seen on the right here)


Here it is in place:


Depending on how slippery the polished rungs are, I may need to apply some sort of grip tape.

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