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Bottle Jack Extension

December 13th, 2008

An unfortunate result of the extreme ground clearance of C30x’s is most normal floor and bottle jacks don’t have the range of lift to jack the car up.    Unfortunately a previous owner of Trog lost the official “Volvo wood block” so it didn’t come with one.   Some use Hi-lift farm jacks on the bumper, but they are a bit scary and can tip easily.

I don’t like the unsteadiness of blocks or other bodgy jack extensions so I welded up a stainless bottle jack extender that fits over the bottle jack piston.


The pin sticking out near the bottom is a stop that the top of the jack presses against.    I turned the inside of the pipe on the lathe to make it slip snugly over about 1″ of the top of the piston.    I probably should have captured more of the piston but 1″ should be ok.   Total height is approx 7″.


At the top is a plate with some 1/4″ stainless rod on the sides to cup the bottom of the spring pack on the front


and the pivot on the bogie axles on the back of Trog.


Of course I could have fabbed the extension out of mild steel in a bit less time, but I then would have to paint it and it still would eventually chip and rust.    Trog has given me a heatlhly dislike of rust…

  1. AW
    December 17th, 2008 at 07:32 | #1

    Yikes – 1″ . No problem unless you forget to chock those other two wheels / use parking brake — not that I’ve ever…

    Also found this amusing b/c I have the opposite trouble. I can’t roll my jack under the car without first driving the wheels up onto some wood.

    Nice tool fab.

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