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Roof insulation and stiffening

November 11th, 2008

The roof, when removed from Trog is suffers from a fair amount of twist.    That could cause the vertical poptop supports to bind.   To fix that, I have cut a piece of 0.050 aluminum which sandwiches some foam insulation.   That should stiffen the roof up considerably.    I haven’t glued the panel down yet because I still need to layout the interior lighting and run wires thru channels routed in the foam.

I’m gluing the panel to the foam to isolate it from the metal of the roof to minimize thermal conduction.   If I didn’t do this, water vapor from cooking and our breath would condense on the cold aluminum and drip.

Here’s another shot of the roof, with Colby’s TGB11 in the foreground.   He’s subletting space in the shop for a bit to work on his popup roof.

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