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Northwest Trogfest 2008

August 21st, 2008

Errr, Northwest Mogfest, that is.     After a mad dash of work, finishing and bolting everything removed from Trog over the last 6 months, Colby and I left for Mogfest, pretty much on schedule.    The drive down was uneventful, other than an early fan controller failure on Colby’s TGB11.    He hacked in a relay to force the fan on all the time and off we went.


We found a very nice campsite down by the river (with a dirt driveway that featured a 45 degree angle, pits and a fallen log — no problem for Trog)

It was hot there — in the 90s most days.    I recruited soldiers for the Swedish Army and we fought the Germans in their Mogs.

My valiant freedom fighters

Strafing some hapless Boy Scouts German spies.

Timmaaayyy! in his friends Pinzgauer joined in the fight against the Nazis.

Trog played in the pits — not even close to getting stuck…

Luci seemed to like the pits…felt closer to home.

A little Nitrous Oxide helped during the parade race.

All in all a great time.    I’m already looking forward to NWMF09.    I’m off on a road trip for a bit, so no TrogBlog posts til October…

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    nice pictures!

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