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Polished door handles

August 5th, 2008

I bead blasted and sanded the door handles — they polished up quite nicely.

I originally thought I’d hard anodoize them black, but upon further research, that may be a bad idea.   It turns out that glass bead blasting aluminum is a no-no if you want to anodize it later.   The glass beads heat up the aluminum, opening the pores.  Also as they hit, they explode into fine grains, which embeds itself within the aluminum.   The process of anodizing involves opening up these pores, then soaking it in a dye and then closing the pores.    The glass mucks up this process.   Also, these are cast aluminum, which often has high Silicon content, which also messes up anodization.

Also, powder coating may also be out of the question.   Again, the glass bead remnants mess with the powder coat as it’s curing, causing problems.

Hrm….maybe polishing w/ a 3M unitized wheel will remove the outer layer and glass beads?

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