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Exhaust Simplification

August 5th, 2008

The Volvo C3 series exhaust routing is a little bit strange.    The muffler is on the right side of the vehicle, but the exhaust is routed under the drive shaft to exit on the left side of the vehicle.   This takes up valuable room for a propane tank and hydronic heatert.

Re-routing it to exit on the right side was super simple.   I picked up a 1 7/8″ ID right angle elbow at an auto parts store.     That, plus the now functional chrome exhaust bling now makes the exhaust exit on the right side of the vehicle.

I bent it a little bit so the angle is a bit more than 90 degrees so the exhaust exits pointing a bit towards the rear.  (pic is of 90 degree, before bending)

Most cars are designed with the exhaust on the opposide as the fuel filler.   In the case of Trog, there’s about 10 feet separating the exhaust from the filler at the rear of the car, so I don’t think safety is compromised in any way.

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