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Talkin’ about Mud Flaps…

August 2nd, 2008

To continue the theme of shiny things, I thought I’d replace the mudflaps. Then I shopped for the things. $100 to $200+! For friggin mud flaps? No way. Instead, I decided to renovate the old ones. I added some stainless weights/extenders to the bottom.

Between the bumper and the main box, the old design used another piece of rubber. It was flawed in that it allowed mud to collect in the crack above the rubber, causing the bumper to rot out. I’m going to replace the rubber with some rigid pieces of rolled stainless, fastened/welded appropriately. Rust isn’t really an issue anymore since I replaced those sections with stainless. Still, it’ll be one less place to clean out after going off road.

I’m resisting the urge to add the classic mud flap girl:

Or, with the little one now in the house:

Thanks to Chris Marshall of SimpleMachine for rendering this version.   My lovely wife had CaféPress print a coffee  mug with this as a Father’s day present.

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