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Trog Tetris

July 23rd, 2008

I cut out a few rusty sections of the floor a few months back.    Yesterday, I finally started replacing them.   Here’s a shot with the 1″ square tube floor “joists” welded in place.

Luckily an L shaped piece of 14 ga steel fell into place, after a careful rotation.

I’m hoping a rectangular piece is next.

Overhead welding sucks, so I’m going to drill holes in the sheet metal and weld to the joists from the top, rather than from below.

Here’s a blurry pic of the new panel with holes drilled and weld-thru cold galvanizing primer.   The primer has zinc in it, to minimize corrosion in the space between the panel and the support pieces.

I also removed the cowling covering the rear portion of the engine and transmission and cleaned all the rust off of it.

Shot of the engine and transmission:


Cheezbrgr vs Cheezbrgr

July 1st, 2008

In the catagory of unnecessary data I don’t need, I performed tests  of the outputs of the old cheezbrgr lights compared with the new LED lights.    I placed a piece of white Sintrel 1 meter away from the lights.   There was some ambient light in the shop due to the skylights.    All pictures were taken with a Canon 30D 1/45sec F 1.8 with a 35mm lens.

In each picture pair, the top one is old incandescent and the bottom is LED.   Pictures were taken off axis by about 1 meter and from about 2 meters away.   (I had a prime, non-zoom lens on the camera and had to step back to capture the illuminated patch.)

Tail light:   The only test where the results were pretty close, though the LED seems to be hotter in the center.

Brake:  Here the LED light is radically brighter.   This is the case that matters most, I think.

Turn Flasher.   Again LED better — I could barely see the incandescent flasher on the Sintrel..

And finally, a comparison of the incandescent tail and brake light vs LED brake light (night braking)

I didn’t test the reverse lights.