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It turns out there’s a lot of space for batteries in Trog — the volume to easily place them, relatively mid-ships, below the bed, has approx 20″ of height available. That means I can use bigger, taller batteries. In past marine use, I’ve used the ubiquitous Trojan T105, which are the best deal Ahr wise, but since I have extra space, I can use taller batteries. I picked up “used” some Trojan L16G from Allied Battery today, for the great price of $100 each. They are “used”, but the sales guy assured me that they were returns from Genie where they dumped a pallet of them and returned all unused. I’m going to charge them and run them down at a 20hr rate to see what condition they are. At 370Ahr, that’s about 18 Amps. Luckily, the old heater element I removed from the back of Trög, at the bottom of the pic, is 0.55Ohms, or about 21 Amps at 12V so that’ll work nicely as a test load.

Update — looks like the batteries are in pretty good condition. They bottomed out after ~16 hours. I’m not exactly sure how much current the heater element actually drew b/c it’s more than my meters can read. I need a shunt to measure the current.

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