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A C306 made of rust

April 27th, 2008

Bajeezus. Everywhere I look I find more and more rust. Here’s the back of the bumper where 3-4mm of steel has rusted through — this is where the mudflap attaches.

The mudflap design is somewhat flawed — the mudflap extends up as well as down from the attachment point. This creates a shelf for dirt and water to collect and promote rust.

I have metalworking and welding equipment, so repairs are possible, but they are time consuming, especially if you want to do it right so rust doesn’t reappear down the road.

Here’s the footwells where I removed the rusty areas and welded in stainless panels. Water collects in this area and festers rust. The stainless will prevent that in the future.



Welding the stainless and chasing down all seams is a pretty time consuming task.

I don’t have to do the cleanest of jobs because all of this will be covered by sound dampening material. Here, I have it layed out but not glued down.

I’ll post about the sound dampening stuff soon.

For rusty areas where I’m not replacing the panels, Eastwood makes a really great rust converter product.    It converts red rust into a black iron oxide form.

This is then covered with Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator which is similar to the popular POR15, but supposedly better.

If I were to do it again, I’d buy an aluminum-zinc military C304/6 and paint it red. That is if I could get a TGB13/20 with medium fast 7.05 axles like Trög has. All this time rectifying vehicular neglect could have been spent installing camper systems.

  1. Dave Llewellyn
    June 24th, 2008 at 13:27 | #1

    If it any consolation, I don’t think ex military Vehicles are much different.

    I have a TGB1321 / C304 which I am doing a camper conversion on. I spent 6 months last year, working most weekends, stripping the cab and lower rear steel panels to bare metal, cutting out 10 areas of rust and welding in patches.

    The result was terrible, the nice neat patches made the general appearance of the panels worse than they were when I started. Six months wasted effort!

    The above was due to total lack of experience at doing this type of work and a refusal to see the truth.

    I have just got the body finished having cut away both sides of the rear tub and made up replacement panels using 1.2mm galvanised sheet. Hopefully this will outlive me – I am damned if I will do it again.

    Best of luck with Trog & congratulations on the baby



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