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Tires and Wheels Done!

April 21st, 2008

Finally, after 3 weeks of effort, Costco removing the old tires, sand blasting, powder coating, the SprayKing debacle, painting them myself, having Costco install the tires, the tires and wheels are done. For comparison, check out Colby’s experience

I elected to put BFGoodrich All-Terrain 315/75/R16 tires on. I considered the Mud-Terrain tires but decided that I’d be on the road far more than mud-bogging and the sanity of less road noise was worth the lack of traction off road.

I temporarily installed a couple on the rear. (These things are HEAVY — the Costco guys pointed that out a number of times!)

I like the Pi/2 out of phase version. A poll of friends was also unanimous. I’m still waiting for the chrome lugnuts I bought via EBay.

A note on lug nuts. The wheel studs are 9/16 x 18 RH threads. This is a relatively rare thread, with not a lot of choices for lug nuts. There are a lot of 2″ long lug nuts available, but they may look a little too much like Messsala’s spiked chariot wheels in Ben-Hur with the extreme offset of the C30x’s. I ended up finding some 1.4″ long Tunerlugs.

Hopefully they won’t look silly. I had to buy 60 total – I *only* need 48. Turns out I’m going to use 4 to hold the rear bumper in place — if I want to flip it up, I can use the same lug wrench I’m already carrying for the wheels.

Now, I’m just waiting for the brake shop to finally make new front brake hard lines and Trog should be rolling again!

  1. April 22nd, 2008 at 08:34 | #1

    PI/2, yeah – looks HOT. So where does the baby changing station go – does it flip up as well?

  2. April 22nd, 2008 at 08:42 | #2

    Yeah, w/ heavy springs!

    Remember BabyBounce game?

  3. wesc
    April 3rd, 2009 at 07:01 | #3

    Comments moved from old site:

    I also want to change the original horrible tyres and fit a BFGoodrich All-Terrain 315/75/R16 .The only thing I was not sure that can fit on the original Wheel 7.50-16 because I read that these tyres need a wider weel 8 or 9 – 16. If you can give me a confirmation that they work well
    best regard

    Yes. Here’s my post to the yahoo group (to your same question)


    BFG Mud-Terrains also work.

    Make sure you watch the guy who does the wheel balancing. BFG can be pretty sloppy in their molding and sometimes yield tires that aren’t balance-able no matter how much lead you put on the rim. Reject that tire if there’s too much lead or it doesn’t balance.

    I have an annoying high-speed resonance (~55mph) that kicks up since I switched to BFG ATs that I think is due to a wheel not being balanced properly. The suspect wheel is *loaded* with lead balancing weights.

    You will also have to modify the spare tire carrier on the rear door so the new wheels fit. I welded on a 3/4″ or so extension to the top of the carrier for the wheel to rest on.


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