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Wheels and Tires

April 16th, 2008

I had my wheels sandblasted at Flamespray Northwest and powder coated 20% gloss white at American Powder Coating. Unfortunately, APC raised their prices significantly after they lost money on Colby’s wheels. Doh

I’m restoring the black and white quadrant styling on the wheels and hubs. I believe it’s there so you can tell if the vehicle is moving from far away. Here’s the hubs painted:

I used ceramic engine paint because this area can get hot when braking. That stuff is really nice to work with — it flows really well and creates a very hard surface. I’m not sure about how it holds up in UV light so I clear coated it with an U-Pol #1 UV protective clearcoat I got at a Wesco auto paint store. The U-Pol Clear #1 is really nice professional stuff — it has solvents I haven’t smelled in spray paints since I was a kid — so it must work well.

The wheels masked and scuffed before going to the paint shop:

And everything bolted back with BFG A/T tires on (note the bling chrome lug nuts)

I’ll talk about my rational for All Terrain vs Mud Terrain in a separate post.

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