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It’s Spray King, It’s Breaking

April 16th, 2008

Lately, I’ve spent way too much time getting the wheels finished. About a week ago, I picked up the rims, from American Powder Coating. They weren’t able to powder coat in a pattern, so I had them powdercoat with a white, and then paint on the two black quadrants. After being talked out of doing it myself at the auto paint supply store, I went to Spray King in Lynnwood, WA.   Spray King is also reported to be one of the cheaper shops in the Seattle area.

Eric, they guy I talked to was very personable, and friendly. He offers me a few tips on doing the masking myself so all he’d do is spray them for $25 a rim. He even offers to come down to my shop to inspect Trog to see about some future work. He said his father told him to help people out, even if it didn’t make a buck. Because of his attitude and friendliness, I was looking forward to working with him more.

So, I spend a sunny day masking the rims, scuffing the area to be black, and then bring them in. Eric’s brother is there and he checks out the rims and the masking. No problem he says, and he writes up a work order for $25 a rim.

About 2 hours later I get this aggressive call from Eric. He growls that I’m trying to work him over, to get him to lose money and that he’s going to have to redo everything I did. I tell him I want to work with him, not rip him off, if it takes more work, I’m willing to pay it, or rectify the masking job. He tells me he’s going to try scuffing one rim and call me back.

30 minutes later, he’s again angry and aggressive telling me he’d rather make money other ways. Finally, sick of his passive aggressive mood swings, I tell him he should make money other ways and that I will be by to pick up the rims the next day.

Maybe it’s the fumes? I did some Googling of inhalant abuse and found this:

  • long-term abuse of inhalants may result in cognitive impairment, difficulty in concentration, anxiety, apathy, mood swings, depression, hostility, and ultimately severe brain damage or death.

Sounds about right.

Anyway, I ended up picking up the supplies to do it myself. Now, I can have an excuse for teh mood swings!

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