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Yahoo Volvo303 message archive

April 8th, 2008

I used the yahoo2mbox.pl script to download all ~6310 Yahoo Volvo303 user group messages into one archive. This allows me to import the messages into my mail client, where searching and reading by threads is infinitely easier than via the Yahoo web interface.

Instructions for a few mail clients follow.

Mac Mail.app:

Download http://www.kmonkey.com/volvo/yahoo303/volvo303.mbox.zip

To import into Mail.app,

  • Unzip to a folder
  • From Mail.app, File/Import Mailboxes…
  • Import Other
  • Select the folder where you unzipped the volvo303.mbox file

For Outlook Express:

Download http://www.kmonkey.com/volvo/yahoo303/volvo303outlookexpress6.zip

To import into Outlook Express

  • Unzip to a directory
  • File/Import Messages
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 6
  • Import mail from an OE6 store directory
  • point to directory where you unzipped the files
  • select the volvo303 folder

For other mail clients (Outlook, in particular, which is truly a sorry program), the easiest (honest) way is to import into Outlook Express. Then use Outlook to import the Outlook Express mail store. Same for Thunderbird.

Set up your mail client to filter new messages to the mail folder where you stored the imported messages so it stays updated.

If you have problems importing into your mail client, let me know by commenting on the blog entry and I’ll see if I can help you.

Note that the perl script had problems with a few messages, maybe < 1%, so some may be missing.

I read over the Yahoo terms of service and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t violate it.

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