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Brake Drums

April 5th, 2008

Yesterday I got my rims and brake drums back from sandblasting at FlameSpray Northwest. I told them not to blast the inner races of the drums since I was going to have the drums turned. However, they blasted them anyway. I took them into a brake shop and they said I don’t need to turn them, that the new pads would just fill in the pocks left by the sandblaster.

The drums came from the sandblaster with rust in some of the pocks. I don’t know if that happened while they were sitting at the sandblast shop or if it’s an artifact of how cast iron rusts. The sandblast guy indicated it was normal.

So, I had to remove the rust before priming and painting them. Harbor Freight and Eastwood sell a rust remover that I’m pretty sure is the same stuff — I mixed them and nothing exploded. It works really well too.   I dropped a very rusty light reflector in it and the next day it was completely free of rust, with no damage to the chrome or brass parts. trog-brake-drums-312.jpg

Rusty, the guy I share the shop with took offense.

The Oly beer, being damn near water, seemed an appropriate displacer to raise the liquid line.

The drums, with the races masked, hung up and painted with a high temp engine paint


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