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More Footroom!

April 3rd, 2008

While fixing the rust in the driver footwell, I realized that I could easily create a little more room for my foot there. I have size 13 feet and they are quite cramped when driving. By cutting out a portion of the footwell, I can create some heel-room.



So much better!


Only 2-3″ of the cutout is in the wheel well. This shouldn’t cause any interference with the tires.

And new stainless piece welded in. After cutting the stainless and bending it into shape, I TIG welded the seams together. Inside Trog TIG welding would be nearly impossible so I just MIG welded it in. I had to make a kajillion tiny welds because I couldn’t remove the undercoating behind. Every weld I’d have to take off my mask, dive to the ground, get on the creeper, grab a wet towel and weave my hand thru frame, steering and brake parts to make sure that Trog wasn’t burning on the other side. This made for some not so pretty welds and a rather sore Wes.


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