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Unleaded fuel inlet

March 21st, 2008

I like the look of the peanut-butter jar military style fuel fill inlet. However it’s a real pain to use because you have to stand there holding the fuel nozzle as you gas up. Others have deleted the existing inlet and put a Jeep inlet on the side of the truck.  I’m trying to keep the original look as much as possible though.

I pulled an unleaded fuel fill inlet off a Mitsubishi at a junkyard. It took a while to carefully cut the military inlet in such a way that I could weld the new one inside, being sure to hook up the overflow to the unleaded inlet.


I had to cut a lot of little hose pieces to fill where it cracked on the unleaded inlet and mate the overflow tubes. Lots of fill welds to get everything leakproof.


With the unleaded cap inside and welds mostly ground down.



Here’s the painted gas fill.   I’ve also welded in a screen at the bottom to prevent ne’erdowells from syphoning the tank.   With gas only increasing in price from now on, gas rustling will become more prevelant.

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