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Stripping the Undercoating

February 28th, 2008

I’m going to have the interior and bottom of the rear box sandblasted at Puget Sound Coatings sometime next week. Unfortunately, PSC recycles their sandblast media and the undercoating ruins the media. So, I gotta strip it. It’s some sort of goey-tar like substance. I tried a number of techniques to get rid of it:

  • Strip with adhesive remover I bought from Home Depot. This worked pretty well, but unfortunately it worked really well on my skin. Any drippings burned like acid.
  • Chisel bit in an air hammer. Too gooey for this to work
  • Air needle scaler. Also too gooey, though it does work to get bits out of the corners
  • Heat gun and a scraper. Worked pretty well. It gets really old working with hands above with sticky gooey stuff dripping on you.
  • Paint thinner with a rag. This works ok to get the last bits the scraper doesn’t get

The process would go pretty quickly if the underside was a flat piece of sheet metal, but unfortunately the panels have channels pressed into it to give it strength. Most of the time is spent working the channels. I’m two days into the project and almost done.

Undocoat stripping

Update:   A propane torch works a bit better than a heat gun (away from fuel lines, that is)

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