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Service and Parts Manuals

February 28th, 2008


Service and parts manuals arrived today. I used the personal bookprinter service lulu.com to print them up. Lulu is pretty cool — you upload a PDF and can get single quantity copies of hardbound books for $30 or less. Colby did the same thing, but his layout of the service manual layout was a little wonky. Not all chapters began on odd pages so sometimes 2 page layouts wouldn’t span facing pages. The C30x manuals also have some not-so-useful chapters, such as extensive unit conversions as well as a treatise on petroleum engineering. I moved those to the back of the book. I also changed the cover to include the pic from the original brochure for Trog. I ordered Colby’s parts manual as is because it isn’t referenced as often.

My service manual is here

Colby’s parts manual here

Neither Colby nor I make any money off the manuals.

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