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New Siren

February 21st, 2008

Just won an ebay auction for a sweet Federal firetruck light/siren. The original siren was removed by the Swedes before export. AFAIK, this siren is from the 50s, so I’m mixing eras a bit, but I really like the design of it



It’s 24V and I have a civilian C306 which is 12V, so I’ll have to make a voltage doubler circuit. I’ll also have to add a secret enable switch for 2 reasons, one to prevent friends from running the siren and two, it’s illegal to have a siren/working red light on a non-emergency vehicle in WA state.

WA code:


RCW 46.37.190

Warning devices on vehicles – Other drivers yield and stop.

(1) Every authorized emergency vehicle shall, in addition to any other equipment and distinctive marking required by this chapter, be equipped with at least one lamp capable of displaying a red light visible from at least five hundred feet in normal sunlight and a siren capable of giving an audible signal.

(4) The lights described in this section shall not be mounted nor used on any vehicle other than a school bus, a private carrier bus, or an authorized emergency or law enforcement vehicle.

So as long as the light and siren is non-functioning, I should be fine. I think I’ll carry a copy of this section of the code in case of street hassle.

  1. fivetimes
    April 2nd, 2008 at 09:36 | #1

    cop: “sooo, it doesn’t work huh?”
    wesc: “nope. and i have this handy printout i carry with me to prove it. see?”
    cop: “are you sure there isn’t some kinda hidden switch hooked to a voltage dubblier?”
    wesc: “nope. i mean yeah.”
    wesc: “aww crap.”

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