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First Post

February 21st, 2008


A week+ ago, my friend Colby (www.prevolve.com) and I flew, one way, down to San Diego to check out a 1977 Volvo C306 6WD firetruck that came up for sale. With 35K km (21K miles) on the odo, It checked out mechanically fine, with just a few oil leaks. Then began the LONG drive home. The 6WD versions of the Volvo C3 series trucks are geared lower than the 4WD versions. This means that top speed is effectively 80km/h (50mph). And at that speed the interior noise is DEAFENING. 4 long days of driving later, we arrived in seatttle. One of the first tasks will be to address the noise issue.

On the way home, I consulted an online English-Swedish dictionary and tried out a few possible names for the truck. Some things i tried: Fire – eld or brand. Flame – flamma, and some others i forget. I kinda like Flamma, but it sounds a bit feminine. My wife Laura, waiting patiently for me to return home suggested “Trög”, Swedish for “slow” (also in the mental sense). Fullständig!

  1. March 29th, 2008 at 04:25 | #1

    You are wrong firefighters also had the fast axles, it should do 115km/h on gps. (mine does) good luck derusting

  2. Wes Cherry
    March 29th, 2008 at 07:50 | #2

    Volvo xles come in 3 ratios:

    9×33 = 3.666666 (x 2.06 = 7.553333:1)
    9×31 = 3.444444 (x 2.06 = 7.095555:1)
    11×32 = 2.90909 (x 2.06 = 5.992727:1)

    I’m pretty sure I have the “medium speed” 7.095555 axles.

    I can do 115km/h, but the engine (fan) howls!

  3. Morris Yarnell
    November 28th, 2008 at 10:56 | #3

    I learned of you from one of the guys on the NWOS website and told him that I was interested in meeting you as you had a Volvo and I really like them. I have a Pinzgauer 710M and I reside in Suquamish.
    I rode in a 303 a while back and really enjoyed the trip. Saw lots of them at Northwest Mogfest.
    I am not sure how to reach you but I will try other avenues.

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